Monday, June 20, 2011

Obregon :D

Well... I've arrived in Obregon. After the acto (more info later) in Hermosillo Saturday evening, I drove back with the Cd. Obregon crew, that is... 19 people (plus 3 people's luggage) in a 15 passenger van for ~3 hours. There's quite a bunch of us here right now: Shad and Cynthia Sluiter are here with their kids (Christy, Cam) and some other gringos (Daniel Baker, Brittany McCandless, Anthony Eliott and Nathan & Brady Dennisson) as well as Duncan, Anna and Dee and don't forget Leah Barbour and I. So all in all meal times are fun! ;)

The Sluiter crew is here doing outreach children's meetings in different parts of the town. Today we divided in to 3 groups of 5 or 6 with a 10x10 tent and a bunch of folding chairs. When we arrived at our destination (under a "shady" tree on the side of the street), we unloaded and began to set up. Then a couple of us set out to the streets to invite kids. Our group had about 32 including a few older kids. We sang, taught a verse and then did the story which involved acting out the story of Noah. I was elected as one of the people that laughed at Noah and Daniel and I both drowned (cooler of water dumped on and all... we were drenched, but it felt good!) After the quiz, we had the kids tell us at least 2 of the 3 verses they had learned over the past few days for a prize. It was amazing to see how well they remembered them :)

" shall not return to me empty,
but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it."
Psalm 55:11

We are all going out again in our groups to other locations this afternoon and then there's gospel meeting tonight on the other side of town. It's great to be here and busy but I'm sorry for the lack of pictures. I have some to show you but alas something is up with my SD card which has hindered any further uploading progress. So until I get this thing figured out, just hang tight ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach Time (take 2)

In honour of the 3 graduates from high school, Eleo decided to take the young people to the beach. We chose Kino which is where the seed sowers went as a fun day a few years back. It was a great time, although not as many were able to make it as originally planned. We grabbed a hut, rented a hammock and then the vendors came. "We" began chatting with one lady in particular, whose name is Maria. She definitely knew a lot from the bible but was a bit... confused. We spent a good half an hour with her with an open bible and challenged her to really read her bible for herself. Can I ask you to pray for her soul and that she'll see the Truth from God's word?! The rest of the day was spent laughing, swimming and just having a great ol' time. The one thing that really stood out was the vast number of birds at the beach. They must have been migrating or something because there were a lot and they were not scared of swimming right along side of you either. Now the fact that there are birds there didn't bug me that much but it's the fact that where there are birds there are fish and I am swimming in this same ocean. eek! I'm just happy that I wasn't present and was out of the water before hearing of Sammy's jelly fish sting *ouch*

Our little abode for the day

My favourite little Venezuelan

These ladies make me smile and I love them!

Perla, Sammy and I ;)

Hangin' out!

Need I say more?!

Our paradise for those few hours *sigh*

Just Jairo being Jairo... and yes we caught that fish alive

Had a great drive home. Loved hearing everyone's testimonies. So special to hear God's unique love story for their lives!



Here's the scoop

Saturday's young people's night complete with grilled cheese sandwhiches, skateboarding and embarassing Spanish reading aloud

Great buddies :)

Mexico wouldn't be complete without a cockroach or two...

Picking up kids in Tirocapes

Eleo took the young people out for tacos after Gospel meeting

Great getting to know this gal. She's a special one!

Had to go to Mexico to get Russian potatoes... who knew?!

I think these potatoes were about as Russian as I am, but boy they was sommmmmmmme good!

Ladies Breakfast

Last Saturday, we hosted a breakfast for the ladies from the Hall with Eleo. Madeleine and I were the babysitters. She went over to the Woodfords and kept an eye on that crew while I stayed at the house and watched the young little Mexicans. Of course there was enough food to feed an army, but I guess that's just what us Christian ladies do best ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Senorita Holmes

No case is too tough for this super sleuth! ;)

Remember that I mentioned that I made a room-clue game for Evelyn?! Well a few days later she decided to make one for me! It was priceless. The clues given were so creative and I couldn't wait to find the next one for a good laugh.

Here are a few:
"To find the word you need you look in me but I start with the letter D"
"I shoot alat and make a sound that is not prety and am in call of dutty"
"I tell you what the time is and start with leter c to find me look half way up"
"Ya put a picture in me but lots and lots and lots but now I'm of"
"eva thinks I'm boring and when im dun she threw me and threw me"

...and my personal favourite:

Answers: dictionary, toy gun, clock on the wall, digital photo frame, eva's math book, toilet

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A three day summary

Well things haven't been too happening as of late and the internet has been acting up so it just wasn't worth the effort to post... sorry. Well let's see what has happened:

First off. We had a yummy lunch on Monday involving chicken, chipotle and peanut butter... HELLO! :D

We also had the young people over for a sort of last minute good bye party for Isaac but I was called away quite early to care for the Woodford girls as there was a feline medical issue that needed to be directly attended to. It actually was sort of a blessing as I was able to get to know Steph.
I think this is the time that I should also confess something: I have met the love of my life. Yup, that's right. He's right here... my man, the gas stove! Man, I love this thing. We've been through a lot too. Many-a breakfast, cakes, cookies... *sigh* When the time comes, I don't know how I'll carry on without him :'(
Eleo had written a play for the Sunday School here to act out on next Saturday. One of the girls is the Ethiopian eunuch so Mad an I did a little trial run for the face paint. I definitely had.... fun at her expense, but she was a great sport.
While we were at the beach, Evelyn collected LOTS of shells of all sizes but there were an abundance of these spirally ones.
I like shells, but I never know what to do with them so this time I decided to make hair clips. It's hard to see Eva's but they actually turned out quite cute. Oh, and in case you're wondering we're pointing to a cup of beans... we are the coolest cats on the block.

Today was pretty uneventful. We all decided to sleep in a bit and then went off to Walmart to do a bit of shopping. Mad and I made a tuna casserol while Alison and Eva went out visiting. Then I relived my childhood by making a room-clue game that I use to play with my cousins all of the time and then Duncan and Nathan Dennison stopped in on their way through to Cd. Obregon. Then we headed off to gospel meeting in Tirocapes where I felt like a mother: Joley (fellow curly top) on my right drawing, Joshua (the cutie pie that keeps popping up on here) on my left, Michell (a little one with the most adorable smile ever) on my lap and then a little rascal in front who really didn't want to sit. I just love kids here because all I need to know is a few universal hand gestures and "sientate" (sit down), "escucha" (listen) and "despues" (later) and you're alllll good ;)